FEROTEHNA Ltd. is a manufacturing and trading company, privately owned business since the early nineties.

The company offers sanitary facilities, bathroom furniture and successfully operates in the segment of decorative and specialized lighting. The aim of our production is modern, attractive and affordable products, primarily intended for the end user, with a focus on increasing the quality of life through high quality products that enhance the aesthetic appearance of home or work environment. Our intent is to offer products that will reflect our customers personal style and make a comfortable living space.


Ferotehna Ltd. was founded in 1995. The company’s core business was the development and distribution of decorative residential lighting.


A sanitary department was established and we are starting to import bathroom equipment products. The growth of the market and demand encouraged us to start our own production of bathroom cabinets.


We are expanding the sanitary department by introducing our own production of acrylic bathtubs under our brand Aquaart. Production takes place in Croatia in modern facilities at a high technological level.


Production of bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, and distribution of bathroom equipment, furniture and decorative residential lighting. Among the most important sales partners are specialized stores and retail chains as well as regional distributors.

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